Light Sapphic Reads || a rec list

Sometimes, all you need is a quick and easy read with a mostly fluffy romance where the characters actually communicate and understand each other. So I was a bit alarmed when I sat down to look through my Goodreads femslash bookshelf with almost 100 books just to find very few books that actually fit this description! I’m a believer that we need all kind of queer stories. From the lightest fluff to the deepest angst. But when we keep finding so much angst in most of our reads, what does this say? What I mean is, I wish it was as easy to find cheesy romcoms in femslash as it is with m/f couples.

But I did find a few that I’d like to recommend here today. Some of them are books that made me feel happy and others are recommendations from Twitter! I hope you find something that makes your day a little bit better. And don’t hesitate to leave more recs in the comments section! I’d love to add even more to my TBR list.

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