Lost in Translation || Interview with Solaine Chioro

Today I’m bringing a post that is a mix of an author interview with a new segment called Lost in Translation. I invited Brazilian author Solaine Chioro to talk a bit about her book, A Rosa de Isabela, an amazing diverse retelling of Beauty and the Beast set in Brazil. This story is only available in Portuguese on Amazon, but I thought it’d be interesting to bring this here and remind us that stories don’t exist just in English.


Q1: How was the process of rewriting such an epic fairytale like Beauty and the Beast to a Brazilian scenery?

I started writing A ROSA DE ISABELA as a writing exercise. I was challenging myself to write a short short story a week and I used a list of themes for each one, and one of those themes was writing a retelling of a fairy tale. Before I even figured out what story I was going to adapt, I knew I would write a version that would happen in Brazil. Our culture is very rich and I knew I would have material to work on some fairy tale, not to mention that I really love to see stories with this cultural touch so close to my reality. It all sort of fit in, you know? When I was developing the plot, I realized that it would be perfect if this story happened in the interior of São Paulo (in a fictional city very similar to the one where my father was born). It was not just with the scenario, the approach of the slavery past or the fact that I was inspired by creatures of our folklore – like Caipora and Curipira – to build what it would be the witch of Beauty and the Beast … Everything came to me with a lot of clarity and I think giving this very Brazilian brand to history make it better.

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Author Interview || C.B. Lee

I had the pleasure of interviewing C.B. Lee, the author of one of my favorite F/F books, Not Your Sidekick. If you like superheroes, relatable characters, and adorable romance, I’m sure you’ll also love her book!


Q1: I love Not Your Sidekick so much! Where did the idea of this superhero world originally came from?

I love comics and superheroes and one of the fun things about it is that cheesy, campy feel as well as the ability to explore different themes, especially with identity. The feel of this world is also inspired by The Incredibles and the 1960s Batman TV show, but along with the comic feel of superpowers and ridiculous hero and villain names and secret leagues and guilds is also this post-WWIII world.

That came along because I’ve always been inspired by post-apocalyptic worlds and I think they’re fascinating to see how different people interpret how humanity will handle certain disasters. What I really love is seeing the rebuilding process, and we don’t see a lot of that in most post-apocalyptic narratives. I thought it would be really interesting to see a world that had already handled this and was moving forward, already in the rebuilding process. Things aren’t perfect, not by the least, but I had fun exploring how people would have dealt with the limited resources of their world.

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Author Interview || Nicole Field

Nicole Field talks about her fairie story in the upcoming F/F paranormal anthology, Into the Mystic. Check out her works and pre-order the anthology after reading her nice answers!


Q1: Hi Nicole, can you tell us a bit about the story you have in this anthology? And where did the inspiration came from?

The inspiration came from years of being fascinated by the idea of alternate fairie worlds plus obviously being a boring, ordinary human person myself. It’s a short snippet of the kind of fancy that wanders through my brain on a daily basis.

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Author Interview || L.J. Hamlin

This weekend, author L.J. Hamlin shares about her writing for the upcoming release of Into The Mystic, an anthology of F/F paranormal stories! We got interviews with two of the authors who are part of the project.


Q1: Midnight Kisses is your first F/F being published! Can you tell us a bit about the story? How are you feeling about it?

I’m really excited but also nervous as I’ve not shared an f/f before. The story is about a witch who meets a werewolf and gets an adventure.

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Author Interview || Charlotte Anne Hamilton

Our first July interview is with author Charlotte Anne Hamilton! She recently published a Robin Hood Retelling as a novella with a sweet romance and some nice action scenes. There are many stories coming from Charlotte that I’m sure people will love it so it’s great to have her here to talk about her work.


Q1: You wrote a lovely Robin Hood F/F retelling! Where did this idea come from? 

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Author Interview || Chelsea M. Cameron

We are closing June’s author interviews with Chelsea M. Cameron. I got to know her work recently through Violet Hill, a series of adorable novellas with F/F pairings and have been following her work since then. Chelsea’s stories are great and I’m happy I had the chance to talk with her so we could introduce her work to even more people.


Q1: Your Violet Hill series is all about cute F/F romance which is something that I adore. Did you have any inspiration or something that ignited the idea of this series?

I really wanted to write about a safe queer space, so I had the idea for the café first. I knew that people would say having such a huge queer community in small-town Maine was “unrealistic” which is one of the reasons why I did it. After I had the idea for the café, the other stories came from there. Mostly when I write queer stories, I like to take a trope that’s been done to death in non-queer stories and then do that. Because I can 🙂 So I took the idea of the “best friends to lovers” and did it with two girls.

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Author Interview || Guinevere Tomas

GL Tomas are two of my favorite authors out there and I’m so happy they agreed to collaborate with Bibliosapphic this month. They decided to do each one a post so today we have Guinevere doing an interview and soon Libertad will bring a Guest Post too. Thank you, Guin, for all your nice words and for taking your time to talk with me about your writing.


Q1: You’ve published so many wonderful books already. Is there one that was your absolutely favorite to write?

Hmmm…since this is Guin talking, it’s kind of difficult to say. I think the one book/series Libertad and I would both be able to agree on is The Mark of Noba, our debut novel.

It’s a YA Urban Fantasy, so it’s not what people are accustom or used to reading from us. But a lot of people don’t realize the risks we take in New Adult Contemporary are because of the response we got from that book.

Tetra, one of the main characters in the book was our first queer main character in a novel, and is own voices in the way where she’s a dark skinned Black girl but also pansexual. I don’t want to erase that she’s also bigender, but that’s the identity of Tetra’s we don’t identify with.

Tetra is what we refer to as a “difficult” heroine. The point was to make her unlikeable, which is why I think people tend to like her because we’re cultured to only like Black girls whom are pleasant, nice, or people pleasers. She kind of mirrors my frustration of what it’s like to be considered difficult, when girls of other races don’t get those labels.

Long story short, we wouldn’t have taken the risks of making unlikeable heroines without The Mark of Noba having been in our backlist. Now we just have to write the rest of the series ;p Continuar lendo

Author Interview || Shira Glassman

We welcome Shira Glassman for our second author interview today on the blog! Shira writes Fantasy and Contemporary LGBT+ stories with Jewish characters, all of them with happy endings and wonderful storytelling. I love the answers she’s bringing for these questions and I hope everyone else enjoys them and go take a look at her work!


Q1: You recently released Knit One, Girl Two, an absolutely adorable novelette. And I wanted to ask, what was your inspiration for that story?

My good friend Caitlin Cieslewska dyes yarn for a living, in her magical garage studio her husband calls “Yarnia.” I was staying with her one weekend when my life was in shambles and I guess I just found her job really inspiring. “What,” I thought to myself, “if I wrote fluffy lesbian romance about an indie dyer?” The rest of it fell into place pretty quickly from there. I mean, her colorways (a yarn word for ‘color combination’) are just so gorgeous that they make you want to write stories about yarn. Take a peek; they stripe on their own. Continuar lendo

Author Interview || Jennifer Linsky

For our first author interview I had the pleasure of talking with Jennifer Linsky. She recently released her first F/F SciFi novel Flowers of Luna, about a girl who goes to study fashion on the Moon in a futuristic world. It’s a wonderful, diverse, and adorable romance that I definitely recommend to everyone.

Thank you for giving us some of your time, Jenny!


Q1: Your debut book Flowers of Luna just came out a few months ago. How did you feel finally seeing your story out in the world?

It’s a terrifying thing, really, publishing a book. I started writing Flowers of Luna because I was trying to make sense of a breakup that hurt me deeply, and I put a lot of myself into the writing. But when you send a book out into the world, you give up on it being uniquely yours — now it’s different things to different people, and their interpretation is probably as valid as yours.

And it’s exciting and gratifying that most of the response to the book has been very, very positive, but the people who have been negative about it have been very negative, and it’s difficult not to take that personally.

Q2: I’m curious to know where the idea of a future set on the Moon came from. Can you tell us a bit about your inspirations for this worldbuilding?

I’m a life-long SciFi fan, offspring of two life-long SciFi fans. One of my earliest memories is of going to see 2001: A Space Odyssey in the cinema, and being just overwhelmed by wonder at the magnificent desolation of the Lunar landscape. Ever since then, I’ve wanted to live on the Moon. The specific vision I have of the Moon is influenced by Heinlein and Varley, Hisae Iwaoka and Ai Yazawa, and even Ken MaLeod and Wil McCarthy, all blended and fermented in my own imagination.

And, like the twin sister of my viewpoint character, I attended Northern Arizona University, where the local Society for Creative Anachronism group is the College of Sankt Vladimir.


Q3: What are some LGBT+ writers that you admire?

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