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A Lake of Feathers and Moonbeams by Dax Murray

a lake of feathers and moonbeans

“For as long as Katya can remember, her partner Ivan, a powerful sorcerer, has given her anything she’s ever wanted. Life is simple, until soldiers escorting Princess Yi Zhen enter the magical woods they call home. When Ivan captures the princess and demands Katya watch over her, she reluctantly agrees, entering a dark web of political grudges spanning centuries. Katya soon finds herself falling for the captive princess — and is pretty sure the princess is into her, too. To make matters worse, Yi Zhen is betrothed to a roguish princen who’s made it their mission to set her free. As forces rally to rescue Yi Zhen or go to war, Katya must take measure of her own powers and decide what she is willing to sacrifice. Will she retreat to the safety of what’s familiar or give up everything she knows to spread her wings and fly?”

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About the Author:

Dax enjoys writing fiction, making music, and writing code. When not doing any of those activities, fey can be found exploring Eorzea, or ranting on Twitter. Dax is owned by three cats & three snakes, and calls the DC metro area home.