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It’s no news that books and girls are some of my favorite things. But this pride month I wanted to share with everyone my love for music too! From Hayley Kiyoko bringing 20gayteen to a new level to Janelle Monáe opening up about her sexuality, this year has been a great one for us. I feel like music videos are kinda filling the void of F/F love stories we still can’t find in movies, especially when I watch videos like What I Need by Hayley Kiyoko ft. Kehlani that just came out yesterday (I mean, how epic was that last kiss??),

I put together a list of some of my favorite music videos where LBPQ+ women are singing about their love for other women and I hope you can blast this playlist for the whole month to make your pride better.

Feel free to tell me about your favorite music videos in the comments! I love finding more songs to listen to.

Youtube Playlist

What I Need – Hayley Kiyoko ft. Kehlani

We could be bigger and brighter than space
Ain’t no running away
No, real loving is sure
The way that I love, there’s no taking my place
Stare at you, right in your face
No, don’t look away no more

Honey – Kehlani

All the pretty girls in the world
But I’m in this space with you
Colored out the lines
I came to find, my fire was fate with you
Heartache would stay with you
Fly great escapes with you

Pynk – Janelle Monáe

Pink like the inside of your, baby (we’re all just pink)
Pink like the walls and the doors, maybe (deep inside, we’re all just pink)
Pink like your fingers in my, maybe
Pink is the truth you can’t hide
Pink like your tongue going round, baby
Pink like the sun going down, maybe
Pink like the holes in your heart, baby
Pink is my favorite part

Sick of Losing Soulmates – Dodie

Now I’m sick of losing soul mates
So where do we begin
I can finally see
You’re as fucked up as me
So how do we win?

Explosion – Zolita

We live in a pink cloud
Things aren’t always what they seem
If people only knew
That I’m the king and you’re my queen
When I’m with you there’s no other
Are we sisters or are we lovers?

Hang Out With You – Mary Lambert

I don’t wanna go to work
I don’t wanna go to sleep
I don’t wanna do it
I don’t wanna do it
I don’t wanna pay my rent
I don’t wanna write a song
I don’t wanna do it
I don’t wanna do it

It could be that I’m lazy
Or unmotivated
I’ve got plenty to do

I just wanna hang out with you

Boys Aside – Sofya Wang

I wanted you to be my baby girl tonight
And all the other boys could just say goodbye
And once you get a little piece of mine
You can just set all of those other boys aside

Don’t Pull Away – J. Views ft. Milosh

I don’t want to change today
Cause, nothing stays anyway
I don’t want to change today
Cause, that’ll just decay
I’ll give you more, I’ll give you more
Give me more, give me more

Every part of you is pulling me, so, don’t pull away

Special Affair/Curse – The Internet

Biting in the dark, I might break your heart
I can get you high if you wanna climb
Cause fuck leaving alone
Let me take you home, I wanna take you home

Ghost – Halsey

You say that you’re no good for me
Cause I’m always tugging at your sleeve
And I swear “I hate you” when you leave
But I like it anyway…

My ghost
Where’d you go?
I can’t find you in the body sleeping next to me

Touch – Shura

I wanna touch you but I’m too late
I wanna touch you but there’s history
I can’t believe that it’s been three years
Now when I see you, it’s so bittersweet

Boyfriend – Tegan and Sara

You treat me like your boyfriend
And trust me like a like a very best friend
You kiss me like your boyfriend
You call me up like you want your best friend
You turn me on like you want your boyfriend
But I don’t want to be your secret anymore

Horizon – Luna Blake

But we could be the horizon
I’ll let you love me harder than a diamond, woah
We could be the horizon
Love me harder than a diamond, woah

Against the Night – Child Actor

Hold me close while everything starts to burn
I know it’s late but it’s never too late to learn
That if it isn’t there
All the wishes and prayers
Can never bring it back
And I’ll never understand
Why out of everyone in the world
It had to be you and me

Love You Anyway – Ji Nilsson & Marlene

I know what you’ve been getting
Coz I sure got it too
Don’t, don’t you forget it
The damage they do
The dreams you’re dreaming
I dream big too
Let me know when we’re leaving
I want to go there with you

Wherever We Are – Human Life

I’ll take you where you’ve never been, baby
If you just show me which way to go
Just like before, we can begin, baby
Just like before, except now we know

Te Amo – Victoria Solé

Te amo y la palabra no me es suficiente
Aunque no creas es para siempre
Yo te pido que lo intentes

Nobody – Jade Novah & Cynthia Erivo

What’s a girl like me supposed to do
When someone like you walks into the room
And you sweep me off my feet like a broom
And I can’t deny I’d die if I had a dime
For every kiss you sent through the air
I’d be rich, or love, be a billionaire
I’m falling for you, deeper, harder every time

Girls – Beatrice Eli

I’ve seen this girl on the tv
See this girl in the mall
I see pictures in my head
Of my head between their legs
I see girls in my building
I see girls on the train
I see pictures in my head
I can’t make go away

Feelings – Hayley Kiyoko

I’m hooked on all these feelings
I know exactly what I’m feelin’
This love asylum, like an island, just me and you
Spent the night, you got me high
Oh, what did you do?
I’m hooked on all these feelings

Know Your Name – Mary Lambert

I wanna take you out
I wanna make you shake
I wanna drive you wild
But I probably should

Know your name, when I finally get to, ooh
Be the one who gets to
Hold you close in the night in the dark be your light


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