Author Interview || N. G. Peltier

N.G. Peltier is publishing a free F/F Christmas short story with Trinidadian characters tomorrow on her blog! To celebrate that we had a little chat about her inspirations and what she’s planning next for this story.


Q1: Your short story has a lot of food references that sound delicious. Tell us a bit about them and what are your favorite Christmas food!

Yes! We Trinidadians love to eat, and Christmas time is no exception. The food is my fave part of Christmas actually. I mention specifically ham and pastelles in the story as these are usually staples meals for that time. Some people simply bake the ham with a glaze on it others will get a little fancy and add some pineapple and cloves like below. Either way it’s delish!

While I enjoy a good ham the pastelles are definitely my favourite! Pastelles are a meat filled, either beef/pork/ chicken or veg stuffed cornmeal dish that we wrap in fig leaf. There’s also olives and capers in there. So to eat, simply unwrap the leaf and dig in! My family always makes this one week before Christmas and we split it among ourselves sooo yummy!

As for drinks my fave is ponche de crème a milky type drink with alcohol. I believe it’s sort of like the eggnog Americans have. My mom makes her quite strong 😉

Q2: Is this your first published work? How do you feel about it?

Hmm well it’s my first free original Christmas short I’ve done on my blog. I’ve posted some of my original writing for my patrons on Patreon as well and I used to write fanfics on my tumblr and AO3 a few years back. I’m pretty excited about this story actually. I hadn’t even planned on writing any sort of holiday short but this one kept wanting me to write it and the words came pretty easily. So I’m both hyped and a bit nervous for people to read but I hope they enjoy it.

Q3: Another interesting element in your story is the magic. How does that work? Is it just a family thing?

Oh yes, definitely a family thing. The Royers are just one of the on the low family of witches on the island and I wanted each sister to have their own magic skill. So while I didn’t go too much into it here in this short, I’ll go more in depth into this when I write more with these characters.

So yes, their magic is something they’re born with.

Anna’s not a Royer but she also practices magic and there are witches in her family too.

Q4: Did you have any inspiration from other books or movies?

Practical Magic! I wanted to write something inspired by that but with my Caribbean twist on it. So the WIP idea I had, before this Christmas short ever came to be, was prompted by the movie as well as wanting to write something with a sort of wealthy family who owned this resort on the island. So I actually meshed two plot bunnies into one LOL

Q5: Who are some of your favorite authors?

Oh so many long time faves like Santino Hassell who writes such amazing queer romance that just gets you right in the feels. Megan Erickson who writes different genres (contemp rom, PNR, romantic suspense) which I love! Daniel Jose Older’s urban fantasy (both YA and Adult) are honestly some of the best UF I’ve read! His words are stunning and his characters are just so very real. He also mentioned parts of my culture in his book and I nearly sobbed in joy seeing mention of our soca music and Carnival in the first book I ever read by him: Half Resurrection Blues.

Rebekah Weatherspoon, Alisha Rai, Alyssa Cole are author’s who I’m always excited for what’s next from them. Seriously everyone needs to read their 2017 releases and their backlist.

As for new to me authors who I discovered this year: Alexis Daria and Mia Sosa whose debuts hooked ! I have to thank twitter for putting these authors in my path.

Q6: There is clearly going to be more of this story so when can we expect something and what will it be about?

So I’ve been planning this WIP before the Christmas story came to mind as I mentioned above so right now it’s still in the planning stage: working on plot, character sketches etc. So I haven’t actually started working on the draft yet. I have some scenes jotted down, but my plan is to either start writing it this month or in the new year and finish it in 2018 and hopefully self-pub.

The plan is for the first book to be my favourite grump, Sky’s story and have Gale and Anna’s in the second book, with a potential third one depending on how it all goes. So now that I’ve said it here let’s hope I get to actually self-pub it as planned. I’m excited to explore this world and these characters so wish me luck!

About the Author:

N. G. Peltier is an anime watching, book reading, video-game playing, story writing, island nerd with a dash of dork. 

A devourer of words and books from a young age, she enjoys creeping people out with the Caribbean folklore stories she grew up hearing.

 A Trinidadian born and raised, she currently lives in Trinidad with her mountain of ideas and characters battling each other for whose story gets told next. 

Social Media Links:

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