Author Interview || Nicole Field

Nicole Field talks about her fairie story in the upcoming F/F paranormal anthology, Into the Mystic. Check out her works and pre-order the anthology after reading her nice answers!


Q1: Hi Nicole, can you tell us a bit about the story you have in this anthology? And where did the inspiration came from?

The inspiration came from years of being fascinated by the idea of alternate fairie worlds plus obviously being a boring, ordinary human person myself. It’s a short snippet of the kind of fancy that wanders through my brain on a daily basis.

Q2: You told me your protagonist has depression and I liked the way you described, saying that it comes with her in her journey. How do you think we can write these stories where mental illness is an important part of the character at the same time that they can have the adventures everyone else is having?

I think that the only real thing keeping those kinds of stories from being told already is forgetting that people with mental illness are just like any other person apart from perhaps in this one, single way. They are socialised the same way, most likely schooled in the same sorts of institutions. Struggling with brain chemistry is just one part of a whole person, a character trait if you will. That means they can absolutely have the same adventures everyone else is having.

Q3: You have many stories published already. Do you feel like a different author since you started on your writing career?

I’m doing what I love: writing and sharing my stories. In as far as that, I feel exactly the same. I think the only way that I feel different is that I know other people who are part of a writing community that I didn’t know as friends before. I’m still the same old me.

Q4: Was there any story that was your favorite to write?

Oh wow, that’s a tough question. Bad Beginnings has been in my head probably for the longest time. It’s a story of friends who slowly become lovers. I didn’t realise at the time that the idea began that this was such a trope! All I knew was that there was this young bisexual boy who was in love with his older brother’s best friend. I wanted to tell that story. The best friend also suffers anxiety. It was a really fluffy, comfy story to write.

Q5: What LGBT+ authors inspired you in your work?

Sarah Waters!! Growing up, Sarah Waters was about the only LGBT+ author I’d been able to locate, even though I wasn’t especially interested in the historical fiction genre that her books are also a part of.

Now, of course, there are so many prominent LGBT+ authors in various genres. Just the fact that there is more content like that now, that I’m in such good company, inspires me.

Q6: Anything else we should expect from you soon? Any exciting stories in the works?

Actually, yes! I am currently in first round edits for my polyamorous, bisexual paranormal romance novel, Changing Loyalties, which should be out in the real world by the end of this year. It stars a young woman who has been brought up by her godmother who is a 400 year old vampire, as well as a pack of werewolves, set in contemporary Melbourne, Australia.

I’m very excited about this. As well as showing mental illness and the adventures everyone else is having, I also love to write about polyamory and bisexuality. There may even be a demisexual vampire that people on Twitter have been getting excited about!

About the Author:

Nicole writes across the spectrum of sexuality and gender identity. She lives in Melbourne with one of her partners, two cats, a whole lot of books and a bottomless cup of tea.

Co-creator of Queer Writers Chat and reviewer for Just Love: Queer Book Reviews. Also likes tea, crochet and Gilmore Girls.

Social Media Links:

Twitter || Goodreads || Website

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