Author Interview || L.J. Hamlin

This weekend, author L.J. Hamlin shares about her writing for the upcoming release of Into The Mystic, an anthology of F/F paranormal stories! We got interviews with two of the authors who are part of the project.


Q1: Midnight Kisses is your first F/F being published! Can you tell us a bit about the story? How are you feeling about it?

I’m really excited but also nervous as I’ve not shared an f/f before. The story is about a witch who meets a werewolf and gets an adventure.

Q2: You have a hard of hearing werewolf in this which I find great. We definitely need to have more disabled characters in LGBT+ books. What kind of representation do you wish to see for disabled people in stories where magic and mythical creatures coexist with our reality?

Chronic pain, I have several conditions that cause a lot of pain. I’d like to see (and am writing) how this could be dealt with in different worlds to ours without erasing it.

Q3: Do you plan on publishing more F/F? And what kind of stories would you like to write?

I do and I’ve signed a contract for a collection of 3 f/f shorts all fantasy/paranormal. I want to write more supernatural stories and also YA as well as erotica.

Q4: What are some of your favorite LGBT+ books?

Seafoam and silence was a real favourite in recent times. I’m behind on reading, next on my list is Peter Darling by Austin Chant.

Q5: Is paranormal a genre you read/write a lot? What do you like about it?

I love it, I read a ton of it growing up and it’s still my go too, I just love the possibilities and the magic. I like getting lost in a different world for a while to read or write.

Q6: What message do you wish to send to readers with your stories?

I want to write the books I didn’t have and find hard to find now still, books about being yourself while being queer and disabled. I want people to enjoy them and to get to see themselves.

About the Author:

LJ is a disabled queer writer in her late twenties, she loves writing all kinds of different books with a romance twist and has been writing all her life. Writing can often be hard due to pain but can also often be an escape from it and it’ll always be a part of her life.

Social Media Links:

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