Author Interview || Kayla Bashe

Kayla Bashe is an author who has tons of awesome F/F stories so I’m super excited to have her here at the blog. Check out her interview and buy her books because I’m sure you’ll find something that suits your needs.


Q1: You have so many awesome books out already. Where do you usually get inspiration for your stories?

Aspects of daily life inspire me- my collection of crystals, volunteering at the local animal shelter, or even just spending time with friends.

2: Is there a story that was your favorite to write?

That’s like asking me to pick my favorite kitten. But I’m really proud of my novel, A Scheme of Sorcery, which is currently under consideration from agents. I found writing it very empowering.

Q3: What are the tropes you never get tired of writing?

I love writing tall love interests! I think maybe that’s because I’m 5 feet, so every girl seems tall to me.

Q4: What are some of your favorite F/F books?

I love Moth, which is a futuristic dystopian story about a world where the US has outlawed being gay- some teenagers want to escape to Canada, but others want to stay and fight. The prose is beautiful.

Q5: What should we expect from you next? Any exciting stories coming soon?

I’m working on a novella, The Gift Of Your Love, about a woman with superpowers who falls in love with her translator. It’s a really fun project, and I’m so pumped to bring this story to readers.

Q6: Do you have any advice for LGBT+ writers who are just starting their publishing career?

If a publisher is shady about its finances, doesn’t promote books other than cis white gay men written by straight women, or doesn’t pay you? Get out. Even if they say no other publisher will be willing to represent your marginalizations. There is better out there, and you deserve better.

About the Author:

Kayla Bashe is a binational lesbian currently attending Sarah Lawrence College. Her poetry has appeared in Strange Horizons, Liminality Magazine, and various zines, and her short fiction has appeared in the Outliers of Science Fiction anthology, as well as Solarpunk Press, Mirror Dance edited by Megan Arkenberg, and The Future Fire. She is also the author of several queer romance/speculative fiction novellas. In particular, her novella To Stand In The Light features a bisexual superheroine with ADHD, and Graveyard Sparrow centers on a lesbian psychic who uses witchcraft to help manage her social anxiety.

Social Media Links:

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