Author Interview || Charlotte Anne Hamilton

Our first July interview is with author Charlotte Anne Hamilton! She recently published a Robin Hood Retelling as a novella with a sweet romance and some nice action scenes. There are many stories coming from Charlotte that I’m sure people will love it so it’s great to have her here to talk about her work.


Q1: You wrote a lovely Robin Hood F/F retelling! Where did this idea come from? 

Aww, thank you! The idea originally came from another F/F Robin Hood retelling called MARIAN by Ella Lyons. It was a fun book which I really enjoyed but it just wasn’t what I wanted from a F/F Robin Hood retelling. I found it lacking in a few ways. I made an aesthetic for it and a friend of mine — Anna from @aliterarypotions — told me I should write something based on it. Originally I fought against the idea but then one day, I ended up opening a document to see how it would go. And the rest is history.

Q2: Something I loved about your story is that the F/F relationship was already established in the beginning, which is something hard to find sometimes. Was it a choice you made or did the story come to you like that already?

The story came to me like that! I have been in love with Robin Hood for as long as I can remember — I’m sure it started with the Disney version! — and I’ve always had these head canons surrounding the story. And one is that Robin and Marian were childhood sweethearts who were broke apart through circumstances and then brought together again when Robin is living in the forest, and the love and magic would still be there. It’d be harder, of course, with the circumstances but eventually they couldn’t avoid it and would get back together. So, when I started writing LAMBS CAN ALWAYS BECOME LIONS it seemed only right to use that head canon of mine and make it real.

Q3: Can you tell us a bit about your writing process?

Uhh, my writing process is all over the place. Mostly, it starts with an idea that comes from a song or image or a what-if question raised in a offhand comment. Then I make a Pinterest board and sit on the idea for a while. Then when I feel ready, I go into the first draft. I don’t do a lot of planning — beside a vague start & end, my characters and world — I just write and see where it takes me. I print it out as I go, leave it for a few months when finished and then come back to it. Which then starts the editing/revision process which is much more organised haha and explained in a video on my YouTube channel (shameless plug I know).

As for when I sit down to write, I always write at my desk on my laptop in Scrivener and what I churn out depends on what my goals are for that day. I’m very goal-orientated but if I say I just wanna write 500 words, I’ll write 500 and no more!

Q4: What are some LGBT+ authors who inspired you in your stories?

Sadly, I didn’t have a lot of LGBT+ authors as I started writing. I came up through the world of fanfic (my first stories were Jack Sparrow/OC ones) and everything I came up with was very allocishet. But then I discovered Tumblr and started realising my sexuality (through DeanCas fics and then femslash) — it’s only been the past couple of years I’ve been writing original stories in worlds on my own making, and discovering the queer stories out there written by queer authors. Just knowing that books with characters and by authors like myself could get published filled me with hope I didn’t know had been lacking. The ones that are inspiring everything I’m writing now, however, are Patrick Ness, Malinda Lo, Nina Lacour, Adam Silvera, Tristina Wright and many many more. I just love this community so much and knowing the support that’s out there is amazing.

Q5: How do you feel after publishing your first story? Any surprises you faced in these last few months?

I feel… amazing. It’s such a surreal experience, I honestly can’t get over it! I wake up every morning to seeing more and more people talking about my book or reviewing it, and I’m just… I have no words, to be honest. I always get teary-eyed and emotional and the most I can do is make pterodactyl noises! As for surprises, I think just the overwhelming support I’ve received is a surprise. I never expected anything like this — especially on something that was so impulsively written.

Q6: What should we expect next from you? Any stories we should keep an eye out for?

Well, I’m always writing! Most of my novels I am holding out on being traditionally published, but there are a few things that I’m writing that I’m going to self publish to keep building my platform and getting my name out there, all the while earning some money through my writing. The first one is the sequel to LAMBS CAN ALWAYS BECOME LIONS which is so far titled LIONS CAN ALWAYS LEARN TO ROAR. I’m working on that right now and hoping for it to be published early 2018. I also have plans for another few novellas: one is a F/F with the MC getting together with the woman her boyfriend was cheating on her with to get revenge, whilst falling in love; one is a F/F with selkies and kelpies and wonderful underwater queerness; and one is so very different from the others — it’s all about Flora MacDonald as she helps Bonnie Prince Charlie escape his failed revolution. I have no idea if anyone will want to read it but I’m at least writing it because Flora is my babe. I also have a long list of my WIPs here.

About the Author:

Charlotte Anne Hamilton is a twenty-one-year-old Scottish author with two fur-children. She is an avid reader and gamer, as well as a dabbler of art. When not writing like she’s running out of time, she can be found listening to music which inspires more stories.

She currently lives in Ayrshire, Scotland.

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