Review by Nicky || Pulse by Ratana Satis



I am always on the hunt for great lesbian stories. Over the years, I have delved into indie books and films, YouTube web series, Yuri (lesbian) manga and the few shows, movies and books that mainstream deigns to allow. Most of these niche outlets are often underrated as great literary alternatives.

For example, manga and manhwa (Korean comics) have amazing Yuri stories and not just one or two but hundreds. One of my favorites – and the one that drew me into the world of Yuri manga/manhwa – is Pulse by Ratana Satis, a Thai comic artist.

Lynn, a spunky girl with a deadly heart condition falls for her heart-breaker surgeon, Mel. She makes a deal that if she can get Mel to fall in love with her, she would agree to get a heart transplant. Cornered by a sick patient, Mel of course agrees. Even though she believes that love is for fools and the heart is just an organ, she soon finds herself swept away. Things get complicated when Mel’s ex-girlfriend becomes head of the hospital and actively tries to stop Lynn’s heart transplant.

Ratana Satis’s writing and drawings are beautifully done with intricate, relatable characters. She expertly teases out all their intricacies and makes you fall in love with both of them. Mel is this jaded, leather-jacket-wearing, motorcycle-riding woman who is used to quickies in hall closets and one-night stands. Lynn’s lovable, bouncy nature has remained untouched by her lifelong heart condition – for the most part anyway. Watching Lynn chase Mel then seeing Mel slowly change her mind and heart about love is nothing short of thrilling.

Manga and Manhwa usually works like television shows by releasing one episode by week and are collated into seasons. Pulse is on a short hiatus but picks up again on July 7th. Pulse airs exclusively on Lezhin comics through their website and app. To find more Yuri manga/manhwa, check out Webtoons, Mangafox and Dynasty scans.


About the Author:

I graduated from Northwestern University with a degree in journalism. My short stories have been published in multiple literary magazines and am currently repped by fairies until a human takes me seriously. Twitter: @Nickythewriter 


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