Author Interview || Jennifer Linsky

For our first author interview I had the pleasure of talking with Jennifer Linsky. She recently released her first F/F SciFi novel Flowers of Luna, about a girl who goes to study fashion on the Moon in a futuristic world. It’s a wonderful, diverse, and adorable romance that I definitely recommend to everyone.

Thank you for giving us some of your time, Jenny!


Q1: Your debut book Flowers of Luna just came out a few months ago. How did you feel finally seeing your story out in the world?

It’s a terrifying thing, really, publishing a book. I started writing Flowers of Luna because I was trying to make sense of a breakup that hurt me deeply, and I put a lot of myself into the writing. But when you send a book out into the world, you give up on it being uniquely yours — now it’s different things to different people, and their interpretation is probably as valid as yours.

And it’s exciting and gratifying that most of the response to the book has been very, very positive, but the people who have been negative about it have been very negative, and it’s difficult not to take that personally.

Q2: I’m curious to know where the idea of a future set on the Moon came from. Can you tell us a bit about your inspirations for this worldbuilding?

I’m a life-long SciFi fan, offspring of two life-long SciFi fans. One of my earliest memories is of going to see 2001: A Space Odyssey in the cinema, and being just overwhelmed by wonder at the magnificent desolation of the Lunar landscape. Ever since then, I’ve wanted to live on the Moon. The specific vision I have of the Moon is influenced by Heinlein and Varley, Hisae Iwaoka and Ai Yazawa, and even Ken MaLeod and Wil McCarthy, all blended and fermented in my own imagination.

And, like the twin sister of my viewpoint character, I attended Northern Arizona University, where the local Society for Creative Anachronism group is the College of Sankt Vladimir.


Q3: What are some LGBT+ writers that you admire?

Well, I’d be remiss if I didn’t mention Nancy Garden — her book Annie on My Mind literally saved my life. And Radclyffe Hall wrote beautiful prose about desperately unhappy situations. Melissa Scott is a Science Fiction writer who influenced me deeply in my teens, and I’ve recently come to very much treasure the work of Jane Rule.
But only one of those women is still alive, so let me offer you some living authors. Maria Hollis is a dear friend of mine, who wrote a couple of lovely little love stories. Andrea Brokaw writes love stories as well, usually with some sort of paranormal aspect to them. Abby Crofton is an amazing writer with poor taste in cover art — ignore the covers, and read the books!

As a bookworm, I never know when to stop babbling about authors and books… is that enough?

Q4: Do you have a favorite scene from Flowers of Luna? A part of the story that you always remember fondly when you think about this book?

I love the image of Ran and Hana falling asleep in front of the picture window, with Earth hanging low on the horizon. It pretty much encapsulates everything I want from my life. When I think of the book, mostly what I think about is the witty banter which the characters share with each other. I’d love to be that kind of person, but the fact is, I mostly stand around and listen.

The French have a phrase, “l’esprit d’escalier,” the spirit of the staircase. It means thinking of the perfect witty quip to have made, five minutes too late to have made it.  Well, I am not so much possessed of the spirit of the staircase as by the spirit of the pillow in the middle of the night, two weeks later.

Q5: What are your next plans? Any new stories we may expect from you soon?

I’m chronically ill, and I work on things very, very slowly. I have published some things on Wattpad, where my account name is Walkyrjenny, and from time to time I publish a snippet on my official blog of something or other. Will I be publishing another book anytime soon? Likely not, though I have a couple of things in the works. It just takes me time to get them out.

Q6: Do you want to focus on writing more SciFi or do you think about publishing books in a different genre?

I’ve never been terribly good at contemporary pieces, so I’ll probably stay in the SF/F house. One of the projects I’m working on currently is high fantasy, a story about a world with multiple Human races where magic is common. It has very little resemblance to Tolkein’s Middle Earth, however. They’ve just concluded a thousand-year civil war, and the viewpoint characters are Sisters of an order of Paladins and Clerics, trying to figure out what their role in the peace is.

Q7: And lastly, do you have any advice for other LGBT+ writers who may feel uncertain about publishing their stories?

Oh, I’m so conflicted about this right now! On the one hand, I want to say that your story is important, and if you feel the need to tell it, there’s someone who feels the need to read it. On the other hand, some of the people your story will meet in the world will not be kind to it, or to you, and you have to be ready for that! People will surprise you, both with their kindness, and with their asinine cruelty.

About the Author:

Jennifer Linsky was born in Japan, but quickly whisked away to Southern Arizona. She grew up among saguaro cactus and jumping cholla, and ran away to sea at the age of nineteen.

In the years since, she attended Northern Arizona University’s School of Nursing, which led, bizarrely enough, to becoming a nurse. Now medically retired, Jenny lives in the American South with her mother, two gray cats, and a Seldom Mentioned Younger Brother.

Jenny writes when she must, reads when she can, and watches entirely too much Anime.

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2 comentários sobre “Author Interview || Jennifer Linsky

  1. dezertsuz 7 de junho de 2017 / 12:18

    Thank you for a great interview. I always enjoy reading this kind of thing about authors, and I think your questions were really good ones for eliciting good content for an interview. Muy bien hecho.


    • bibliosapphic 7 de junho de 2017 / 12:41

      Thank you for reading! I have a few more author interviews coming up this month with all around amazing authors ^^ Can’t want to share them here.


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